Privacy policy

1APersonal Information Policy
R&B-Engineering Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (hereinafter gthe Companyh) believe that the appropriate protection of the personal information of all people, including customers and business associates (hereinafter gthe Customerh), who provide personal information through transactions with the Company is a responsibility of great importance and fulfill this responsibility by handling personal information in accordance with the policies set out below.
  • The Company complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter gPersonal Information Protection Lawh) and other laws and regulations applicable to personal information and handles personal information appropriately in accordance with generally accepted practices for the handling of personal information. At the same time, the Company takes steps to improve the handling of personal information from time to time.
  • The Company clearly sets out regulations on the handling of personal information and keeps all employees informed of the regulations. The Company also exercises the necessary and appropriate supervision over outsourcing service provides.
  • The Company specifies the purposes when communicating or disclosing personal information and handles personal information in line with the specified purposes.
  • The Company takes the necessary measures to prevent the leaks, loss, falsification, etc. of personal information and manages it appropriately.
  • The Company receives requests from the Customer for the disclosure, correction, deletion, or suspension of use of the personal information it holds through a specific point of contact and handles the requests in good faith.
2APurposes for Using Personal Information
The Company may use the personal information it has acquired by fair means in compliance with laws and regulations for the following purposes in the Companyfs operations to the extent necessary:
  • To provide and give information about products and services
  • To purchase raw materials, goods, and services
  • To respond to inquiries from the Customer
3AShared Use
The Company may share and use personal data items including names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, previous purchases of products, places of work, and positions within the scope of use specified in the preceding paragraph with affiliates mentioned below. The Company will assume responsibility related to the shared use and receive inquiries, complaints, etc. at the contact below.
4ADisclosure or Provision of Data to a Third Party
The Company will not disclose or provide personal data to any third party except in the case of shared use mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the provision of data to outsourcing companies, and any of the following cases:
  • The Customer agrees to the disclosure or provision.
  • The Company discloses or provides data in such a way that the Customer cannot be identified, for example, in the form of statistical data.
  • The Company is requested to disclose or provide data under laws and regulations.
  • Disclosing or providing data is necessary to protect the lives, bodies, or assets of people, and it is difficult to obtain the Customerfs consent.
  • The Company needs to cooperate with the national government, local governments, etc. in their public duties, and obtaining the Customerfs consent might adversely affect the performance of the duties.
5AManagement of the Website
The Company will take security measures to protect stored personal information and to prevent the unauthorized disclosure and falsification of information. It will also respond to emergency situations as promptly as possible.
  • Security
    The Company has introduced secure sockets layer (SSL) technology to protect personal information. SSL is a technology to encrypt data on the Internet and prevents the data from being disclosed to a third party. The Company uses SSL on pages that contain personal information. Please confirm that the URLs of pages where SSL is used begin with https:// instead of http://h
  • Use of Cookies
    The Company sometimes uses cookies to ensure security and provide appropriate information to customers. Cookies are information sent from a server to usersf browsers and are sometimes stored in the hard disks etc. of usersf computers. Cookies do not include information to identify customers.
    Customers can set their browsers to receive or reject cookies. If they refuse to receive cookies, they may not be able to use services on the websites operated by the Company.
  • Recording of Browsing
    When the Companyfs website is used; the access information will be accumulated on the server. The information will be used only for statistical purposes, including the measurement of traffic.
If the Customer requests the disclosure of the personal information about the Customer that the Company has as personal data, the Company will confirm that the request has been made by the Customer themselves, and then respond to the request within a reasonable scope and for a reasonable period if the disclosure is deemed necessary.
7ACorrection, Deletion, Etc.
If the Customer requests that personal information about the Company that is held by the Company as personal data be corrected, deleted or expanded, the Company will confirm that the request has been made by the Customer themselves, and will then correct, add, or delete information within a reasonable scope and for a reasonable period if the information is considered to include information that is factually incorrect and if the correction, addition, or deletion is deemed necessary.
8ASuspension of Use and Deletion
If the Customer requests the suspension of use or the deletion of the personal information about the Customer that the Company has as personal data, the Company will confirm that the request has been made by the Customer himself, and will then suspend the use of or delete the data within a reasonable scope and for a reasonable period under Article 27 of the Personal Information Protection Law if the suspension or deletion is deemed necessary. If part or all of the personal information is suspended or deleted, the Company may not be able to provide services to meet the Customerfs requirements. (The Company may not accept requests for the suspension or deletion of the information that the Company holds under applicable laws and regulations.)
9ARevision of the Policies
The Company will review and revise the above policies concerning the personal information that it has as required to reflect changes in the applicable laws and regulations. Any revision will come into force when the website is updated to include the revision.
10AContact Information
For further information about the personal that company has, contact the company at:
R&B-Engineering Co., Ltd.
Telephone: (03) 3919-2060
Fax: (03) 3919-2212
January 1, 2008
Masatake Sakamoto
Managing Director
R&B-Engineering Co., Ltd.